“An approximate answer to the right problem is worth a deal more than the exact answer to an approximate problem.”

John Tukey

Design Council Planning Graphic

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Planning is more than producing a Gantt-chart, spreadsheet, or flowchart.

Planning requires understanding of the entire process, an appreciation of the universe of unexpected events, the experience of successfully navigating the process from many different perspectives, and learning from mistakes.

Planning is a system. A project has multiple feedback, and feedforward, loops all interacting simultaneously. Planning is not done until the project is complete as it is always changing. Different strategies are needed for different phases of development.

At KRD we use all kinds of planning tools and adjust them to our client needs. The key is a useful method for the project at hand. Sometimes we use the client's tools and sometimes we bring our own. The goal is to better understand the problem and provide a good path to the solution.