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Kinetic Research & Design (KRD) is a Seattle, WA-based consultancy specializing in the research, design, development, and testing of long-term implants, surgical instrumentation, diagnostic and therapeutic devices, and other medical products for both human and veterinary applications.

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KRD is focused on helping early-phase startups acquire the expertise and information they need to become viable, and on providing outsourced product development for larger companies. This focus includes planning and execution of strategies for IDE, 510K, or PMA applications.

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KRD's broad range of completed projects makes us ideal for startup or early-phase project development work. Detailed awareness of many different technologies, processes, and people allows us to move ahead quickly and nimbly while still maintaining the necessary control over the project for regulatory and business reasons. Please review the projects on this link and contact us for more information on how we can help your business now.

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KRD's prototype shop includes a lathe and mill with tooling and many mechanical and electronic measurement and test capabilities. The office has secure data storage, file sharing capability, and all needed programs for simulation, statistics, database, and visualization work.

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Daniel R. Baker, PhD. is the principal of KRD. Read about his accomplishments here.

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To deliver high quality projects, KRD collaborates with skilled scientists and engineers. Some of them are profiled here.

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These are companies who have had success working with KRD.