On-site Facilities

Computing Environment
Computer programs include SolidWorks Office® 3D CAD software, Mathematica®, MATLAB®, Igor®, and other programs for simulation, statistics, database, and visualization work.
KRD's office network has a secure high-speed DSL connection to the Internet. Data storage is on a dual disk RAID system with nightly backups. Clients can share files with private areas of KRD's website or with FTP.

Prototype Shop
A 275 sq. ft. prototype shop includes a 13x40 lathe, a 8x36 mill, and associated tooling. The shop has many mechanical and electronic measurement and test capabilities.

Office Area
Olympus Stereo-Zoom trinocular microscope with 35 mm and digital image (Pixera Professional) capture.
Film (35 mm) and digital photographic capabilities as well as film scanning (Nikon Coolscan III), paper scanning/reproduction (HP and Canon), and clinical film viewing.
Multiple research resources, books, standards, product catalogs, and databases.
Papers are indexed in EndNote®.
General meeting and reading area.