Advisors and Associates:
Carly Thaler in machine shop

Carly A. Thaler, M.S., P.E. received a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College.  After graduating, she moved to San Diego and joined Hill Engineering Inc., a mechanical engineering consulting firm specializing in product design and development, and electronics cooling and thermal management.  She was a jack-of-all-trades at the small firm, and gained experience in all aspects of mechanical engineering design and analysis, product development, prototype construction, project management, team supervision, and even office management.  During her time at Hill Engineering, she also worked on a Bioengineering Master’s Degree at the University of California at San Diego.  A project at Hill Engineering became her thesis topic, and also earned her a patent (US06671911) for the development of a dynamic, pressure reducing seat cushion aimed at reducing the incidence of decubitus ulcers or pressure sores.  After developing the cushion, Carly studied the relationship between pressure on the skin as a result of sitting in various seat cushions and skin blood flow occlusion.  Carly left sunny San Diego and headed to Seattle, where she has since joined KRD.  She enjoys working on a variety of projects and further developing her engineering design and development skills in the medical device field.  Carly is a licensed, professional engineer in CA (# M31534) and WA (#coming soon).

Jennifer Wallace, BA.  Jennifer helps keep us organized and running well.  She has her bachelors degree in Russian from SUNY Albany and minored in political science.  She also attend summer Russian school at Middlebury College and Moscow State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages.  After graduating she spent several years working in Russia and the former Soviet Union until locating in Seattle.  Jennifer holds several administrative support positions and enjoys working in the fields of engineering and science.

David Stinson, of NPT, Inc., Woodinville, WA.  Please see the Northwest Precision Technologies, Inc. website (coming soon).  David has many, many years of experience designing specialty items, especially orthopaedic implants and instrumentation.  KRD is especially pleased to work with NPT, Inc. on projects.

Jack Baker, of Buchanan, MI.  Jack is Dan's dad and who spent 20+ years running his own publishing firm after being a teacher of business and a high school principal.  He spent several years after publishing doing business consulting spending time merging legal firms amongst other projects.  He spent almost 10 years as the District Manager for a MI Congressman and now works part time for the Berrien County Youth Fair.  He brings a strong background in accounting and business strategy to KRD.

Gene Dickhudt, of Gentec Design, Inc., St. Paul, MN.  Gene has at least 35 US patents for medical devices in his name or with others (a quick search), plus several that are in the application stage and was considered by MD&DI Magazine to be one of the 100 Notable People in Medical Devices.  He started out designing instruments for Population Research, then for Medtronic, and finally ended up moving out with Charlie Ray, MD and joining forces with Terry Corbin and others to start Cedar Surgical. This company become Surgical Dynamics, maker of the Ray Threaded Fusion Cage. Raymedica, who makes a nucleus pulposus implant, was also spawned out of this collaboration.  Much of his work has been in the fields of neurosurgery and orthopaedic surgery.  Gentec Design is a true "Prototype Design & Build" operation.  Gene has come up with many original ideas, designed many implants and instruments, manufactured some of them along with a great number of prototypes, and is great guy to know.

Alex Kunzler, of Issaquah, WA and La Quinta, CA.  After many years of working as a machinst/toolmaker/diemaker Alex took a position as Vice President of Operations at the Leckenby Company, a Seattle fabricator of structural steel, industrial components, and diversified machinery.  Alex spent 25 years there, the last 4 of them as President.  Some select highlights of his involvement included work for the US space program, constructing scientific observation domes all over the world, and structural work for the early commercial development of nuclear energy.  After that Alex freelanced for 10 years as an independent engineering consultant during which time he got to know Dr. Vincent Bryan, a prominent Seattle Neurosurgeon.  The two joined forces and started Spinal Dynamics.  This is where they developed the Bryan total artificial disc and the company was sold to Medtronic in 2002.  Since then he has spent his time mentoring younger engineers and designers, performing only design work he finds fun and interesting, and learning how to golf.

Geof Grogan
Geof is an independent contractor who has provided KRD with Windows server and workstation, network, e-mail, and web site support. Inquiries may be sent to :


As in most endeavors it is not just one person doing all of the work, here it is truly a team effort.  Many projects require specialized help, support, and skills.  We make an effort to bring in the best for what they excel in so that the collaboration is efficient, cost-effective, and successful.  As with everything we do, confidential information is handled with the utmost of care and concern, and we only work with associates who share our view.

Many of the collaborative projects (please click the Projects link at the top of the page) in which KRD has participated have worked well because of the outstanding contributions of our many associates.  We regularly work with people skilled in these areas: